McAfee Network Security Platform Manager software


Because the Network Security Platform Manager password is encrypted, you cannot recover it.

  1. Open a command prompt and change directory to mysql/bin (default is C:\mysql\bin\).

  2. At the prompt, type each of the following commands (shown in bold text) and press ENTER after each one:

Mysql -uroot -p (you are prompted for the root password specified during install)
Use lf; (this command changes to the correct database).
SELECT * FROM iv_usercredential; (this command displays the hash for UUID1)
  1. Reset the password. Type the appropriate command for your platform to change the hash of UUID1 to the default admin123:

NSM 6.0 and 5.1:
UPDATE iv_usercredential SET crval='3304b042e5d8426e5f503e58723cd931' WHERE uuid=1;

NSM 7.5, 7.1, 7.0, and 6.1:
UPDATE iv_usercredential SET crval='f865b53623b121fd34ee5426c792e5c33af8c227' WHERE uuid=1;  

After you complete this procedure, the password is reset to admin123 with a user name of admin