Today is the first day of Microsoft's Ignite 2018 conference in Orlando, and it announced SQL Server 2019, a public preview of which will be available today. The promise of the new database management system (DBMS) is that businesses will be able to manage their relational and their non-relational databases in one offering. 微软 Ignite 2018 的第一天,微软就宣布了 SQL Server 2019 预览版。这个新的数据库管理系统(DBMS)让用户可以一步到位地管理他们的关系型数据以及非关系型数据。 Microsoft says that it improved PolyBase so that it has connectors to more data sources, including "Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Cosmos DB, Mongo DB, Oracle, and Teradata". Users will now be able to use T-SQL to query all of their databases, so you won't be locked into separate data silos; in other words, all of your databases can talk to each other. It also has big data baked in with support for Spark and Hadoop. 微软表示这个版本改善了 PolyBase,从而它可以连接到更多的数据源,包括 Azure SQL DW、Azure Cosmos DB、Mongo DB、Oracle 和 Teradata。用户可以通过 T-SQL 访问所有的数据库而不用将他们锁定在不同的仓库。也就是说,所有的数据库之间可以连通。它还支持 Spark 和 Hadoop 的大数据。 SQL Server 2019 can, unsurprisingly, run on-prem, on Azure Stack, or in the cloud. Users will have access to SQL Server Machine Learning Services and Spark Machine Learning, so they'll get insights on all of their data, again, regardless of what form that data comes in. 毫不惊奇的是,SQL Server 2019 支持在本地、Azure Stack 和云端运行。用户可以访问 SQL Server 机器学习服务和 Spark 机器学习,从而用户可以探查所有的数据而不管这些数据从何种形式而来。 Microsoft today also announced Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, which will allow users to bring their SQL Server database to the cloud with no code changes at all. The firm promises that it has the full feature set of SQL Server, which is an impressive promise. By using the service to move to Azure, Microsoft says that businesses can save up to 80% over using competitors. 微软还宣布了 Azure SQL Database 托管实例。该功能允许用户将本地的 SQL Server 数据库迁移到云端且不需要修改任何代码。这是因为它是一个完整功能的 SQL Server。这是一个引人注目的功能。微软说,使用该服务迁移到云,业务成本将比其他竞争产品节省到 80%。 But of course, this is Ignite, so that's not all for data news. Microsoft announced a preview for Azure SQL Database Hyperscale, which is a "highly scalable service tier" that lets you grow a database up to 100TB. Azure Database for MariaDB is in preview now as well, bringing support for the open-source database to Microsoft's cloud offerings. 当然,这只是 Ignite,并不是完全针对数据方面的新闻。微软宣布 Azure SQL Database Hyperscale 的预览版,这是一个“高扩展的服务层”,使数据库可以增长到 100TB。 Azure Database for MariaDB 也在预览版中,在微软的云端提供开源数据库的支持。 And while it wouldn't be Ignite without database news, it wouldn't be database news without Cosmos DB news. Multi-master at global scale is generally available now, enabling "unprecedented write scalability and availability". Microsoft also announced the Cassandra API is generally available. “Cosmos DB has delivered a high performance, worldwide platform for our global reputation system. With a click of a button we can rapidly deploy regions worldwide to deliver excellent response time to our customers and partners. The Cosmos DB Cassandra API eliminated major engineering efforts during the migration of our services as we were able to integrate with very minimal changes. Our largest service is slated to migrate with the launch of Cassandra API support.” Michael Shavell, Technical Director / Architect at Symantec. Finally, Microsoft announced the preview for Azure Data Explorer, which is designed for "lightning fast" data exploration. You can use it to find insights about "petabytes of structured and unstructured data". 以上中文译文由本博主提供,仅供参考。如有错漏,以英文原文为准。 原文 《Microsoft announces SQL Server 2019 - public preview available now》 SQL Server 2019 Preview 下载地址: