Office Communications Server 2007 R2 即将发布

My sources do say that its second half of 2008OCS 2009 The release dates are not officicial (eg. The products are not official), but knowing how much man-power and money Microsoft puts in to the Unifi

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Hyper-V RTM!

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Microsoft Virtual Earth 浅谈!

从北京参加Windows Live Parter day回来没多长时间.这次确实不虚此行.在我的印象中,能和Live有关系的,能想到的也许就是Hotmail.通过参加此次的培训大开眼界.和Live有联系的产品实在是太多了.如Search, Virtual Earth, Silverlight Streaming, Expo, Live ID, Spaces, Photos, Contacts, M

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