SAP Fiori tools is an extension pack available for Visual Studio Code and SAP Business Application Studio that is designed to increase the efficiency of SAP Fiori elements app development.

SAP Fiori Tools 是 Visual Studio Code 和 SAP Business Application Studio 开发工具的一个扩展全家桶,致力于提高 SAP Fiori Elements 应用的开发效率。

这个“大礼包”包含了下图所示的 6 个扩展:

什么是 SAP Fiori Tools_开发效率

SAP Fiori is SAP’s user experience, intended to provide end-users with apps that are role-based, adaptive, coherent, simple, and delightful.

SAP Fiori 是 SAP 下一代页面的 User Experience 代表及设计语言(Design Language),基于 SAP Fiori 设计准则的应用,满足 role-based, adaptive, coherent, simple 和 delightful 等几大特性。

SAP Fiori elements provides predefined page types for SAP Fiori development, allowing users to quickly create SAPUI5 apps while taking advantage of the user interface provided by SAP.

SAP Fiori Elements 预置了一系列蕴含了 SAP Fiori 开发最佳实践思想的 Fiori 应用模板,应用开发人员可以借助 SAP Fiori Elements 提供的这些模板,自动生成 Fiori 应用,并且在模板的基础上做扩展。

SAP Fiori Elements 包含的模板:

  • List Report Object Page
  • Worklist

什么是 SAP Fiori Tools_开发效率_02

  • Analytical List Page
  • Overview Page

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