Last project has been finished. biztalk 2006 R2 HA base on windows server 2003 cluster, with sql server 2005 on Windows server 2008 failover cluster as DB environment. It is my fist time to proceed biztalk related project. I have no any experience  in biztalk. And the DB cluster has some special setting , two nodes should be act as active ,just the ative /active mode. Below is the primary procedures.
It should prepare 4 disks as shared disk. In the project i create 4 disks from IP SAN storage.The usage of disks:
   one for quorum (about 500M); one for msdtc cluster(about 500M); one for node 1 (200G); one for node 2 (200G)  and should  plan 4 ip address for windows server failover cluster,msdtc cluster, virual server 1 and server2  in sql cluster.of course ,it need 2 ip address additonally as hear beat checking.  
  1. Prepare two servers and windows 2008 failover cluster.testing failover cluster ,confirm the failover works fine.then should add MSDTC service as cluster resource in cluster administrator console, and should modify the permission in msdtc resource it should grant remote to access  and need check the authentication option.This POINT  is very important to configure the whole infrastructure successfully.
    2. In cluster administrator console we create two group and move the disks prepared for sql nodes to each group. we should named the groups as sql server 2 and sql server 2.
The next is install sql server 2005 in each of node ,the path of setup is the disk in each of group . Startup two node , installation proceed in node1 first. after finished, install sql server 2005 in ohter node with name instance (just like sql2 ,it should be appoint node2\sql2 as identity in connection). the path of installation is the disk prepared for node2 in sql server 2 group.  After all installation ,it should confirm that the nod1 is the owner of sql server 1 group and the node 2 is the owner of sql server 2 group. we should test the failover funtion.
   3. Patch the sp3 of sql server 2005 in the sql cluster. During the processing ,all sql nodes should in running.Begin to instal in active node ( the owner  of the quorum and msdtc is node1 ,so i called it active node). i have encouted a issure , it prompt me that no passive node in the cluster.because  my sql serivice is ran by a domain account created for sql in users group. So i try to join the service accout in sysadmin role of sql server database. It is successful. As every instance should be PATCHED,so we install sp3 in node2, the object is just instance sql2.

It should prepare IP AND DISK resources also, for clusters.
five ip address , one for windows 2003 cluster; one for biztalk cluster,one for msdtc cluster;two for hear beat.
two disks .one for quorum,one for msdtc .
1. install biztalk in node1 then node2.
2. configure the biztalk cluster .
all these opration i just referanced guide of microsoft. i encounted many issues ,all of them are related with permission ,include msdtc service (almost) and domain user permission. i have created many groups and users according the guide ,but i failed to configurate biztalk runtime. so i try to join administrtor accout of biztalk into domain administrators, the configuration wizard runing finished. The point is my mistrust, i can't verify it is a error about permission granted in guide or mabay it is cause by my enviroment. (windows server 2003 R2 64 bit + biztalk R2   WINDOWSERVER 2008  ENT 64BIT + SQL SERVER ENT 64 BIT)