For sql 2008 , "SQL FullText Search" service (msftesql) will not be found . When i installed crm4.0 with sql 2008 as data warehouse , it encountered a troulbe.  checking request  ....""Service msftesql was not found on computer crmapp'. The specified service does not exist as an installed service." be displayed .... challage .Then you need to modify the registry to cheat the crm that i have the msftesql service.
  navigate  to  HKLM\SYSTEM\Curentcontrolset\service\MSSQLFDLauncher  , then rename the mssqlfdlauncher to msftesql
. Reboot server, start the "SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher (MSSQLSERVER) " service. Running the checking system again on crm installing server . Ok, Now, The crm installtion be cheated by the sql server.....^_^
     Other one case about the "SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher (MSSQLSERVER) " faced when i configurted a sql 2008 failover cluster. All task finished, but i can't bring the "SQL FULL TEXT" resource online.. Failed with a red icon, that is very annoying .....yes , this case also need to change registry    -----  add a muti-string type key "DependonService"  below the tree   HKLM\SYSTEM\Curentcontrolset\service\msftesql  ,the value is "RPCSS"