PHP-syslog-ng base on PHP , it let you check syslog with web, so it is very POP in network monitorring .You can get latest version from this web site :   , BTW,here exists a demo site.
         The primary and the important procedure is cathing all syslog to DB (mysql). and PHP application read log from DB.
you will get a scirps directory where there are many functional scripts such as "syslog2mysql" if you download application from the mentioned  website. Of course ,there is other approache  for example  we can let it works by manually set syslog-ng.conf . I refered  a "How to " .This approache , we should use , and should let the script runs in background  always.
    But we can use other way to get the same faunction . modify the syslog-ng.conf such as below,  ranther than use .
    destination d_mysql {
mysql -u syslogfeeder --password=PASS_HERE syslog < /var/log/mysql.pipe >/dev/null
pipe("/var/log/mysql.pipe" template("INSERT INTO logs
(host, facility, priority, level, tag, datetime, program, msg)
'$PROGRAM', '$MSG' );\n") template-escape(yes)); };

     All these configruation , we can got it by researching many associated  website .
I faced a latent difficult  problem . When i login MYSQL to "select * from syslogs " to confirm whether syslogs was loged in mysql, nothing displayed. That  means , something  wrong in syslog-ng.conf file.  Investigated this issue by checking message
which loactes in "/var/log". "Error writting msyql.pipe , permission dennied ".    The permission of the file (mysql.pipe) locates in "/var/log" verified   is right,even i performed "chmod 777 mysql.pipe" , the issue was still not worked around.
  As my server base on OpenSuSe 11, which with a security feature named "AppArmor" . It prevented to write mysql.pipe. So, disabled it.
  Using YaST System Services (Runlevel)
or enable AppArmor by removing or adding its boot script to the sequence of scripts executed on system boot. Status changes are applied at the next system boot.

   1.Start YaST.
   2.Select System+System Services (Runlevel).
   3.Select Expert Mode.
   4.Select boot.apparmor and click Set/Reset+Disable the service.
   5.Exit the YaST Runlevel tool with Finish.