Domain name registration awareness
(The following information provided by beijing inveis network information technology co,ltd) "China's domain name registration business sense, the network brand awareness is not enough," China's Internet is responsible for the management of the institutions recently in eastern and southern China to be held, such as the Internet address resources seminar, the most repeated sentence.
Now is a registered trade name of the hot spots. Recently, the "hand
- "The word will be registered by Siemens, and extravagantly, cost as much as 120,000 yuan / year industry is at a seven-year buy (Registration to 2010)! Only one product or industry at an industry , as long as customers in the browser address bar importation of the "mobile phone", it will direct Siemens! spend such a high registration fees to obtain a first on the hit rate, this has become expensive registered vendors a competitive way . Coincidentally, Exxon Mobil Corporation registered at once: on the 1st Mobil, Exxon, Esso lubricants over 20 Chinese Web site, and both have more than five years to purchase the so-called "preemptive", in addition to prevent malicious cybersquatting, the fact is more a network marketing business. Indeed, the situation is also being in the wireless Internet, Business Director Li Hui Xinwanghulian At present, the "chimney", "Liquor , "" real estate "and other industry terms" mobile phone real-name "has been registered out.
As a registered trademark of the same enterprise, with the rapid development of the Internet, enterprise network "trademark" - domain names also have become increasingly important. Not long ago, the United States leading international companies, "America Online" ignored its well-known brands, "ICQ" brand in China's network protection, not timely registered with the logo of China. CN domain names, lost, "ICQ.COM.CN" ownership, and to the loss of 1 million yuan. Thus, the corporate network brand once again highlighted the importance of protection.
Internet domain names in traditional wind and water when wireless Internet site also is the beginning of another. Not long ago, cell phone real-name registration management centre in the country introduced the "wireless equipment based on the" addressable services - the "mobile phone real name." Is the use of the real-name mobile phone SMS messages to mobile terminal equipment manner, fast wireless Internet access and the establishment of the addressing modes, and covers the addressable SMS services, wap addressable services. Therefore, not only confined to the real-name mobile phone short message service, the next three G high-speed wireless Internet Protocol and the main agreement is WAP, now registered "real-name mobile phones," will be coming era of 3 G can still continue to apply. In simple terms, cell phones, the Internet equivalent of real names on the domain name, not by computer users connected network, and then enter the URL to visit, but through to the fixed number of ways to send text messages to SMS business website. At the same time, its addressable way through "Chinese" way of breaking sent letters and numbers of technical barriers, the real-name mobile phone companies in the wireless Internet as a "trademark" and "house number," as the company's mobile phone publicity and marketing "bridgehead" for the enterprise marketing from 87 million Internet users extend to the 315 million mobile phone users.
Not only has the real-name mobile phones only, but a first-come-first-registration mechanism. And enterprises closely related names, trade names, trademarks, brand names and product names of the phone by others even if the real-name is registered competitors, will be brought to the inestimable loss. China's domain name registration companies in raising awareness of the network brand awareness, but it also should strengthen wireless Internet brand awareness. In the upcoming G three times, these things do happen in the wireless Internet will not occur again.(beijing inveis network information technology co,ltd)