或可以安装metasploit framework的mini版,该版本不安装postgresql自然也无上述错误了。但无法使用GUI界面和一些相关功能



On 11/29/2010 11:21 PM, Yuping Li wrote:
hi, guys

when i was installing the metasploit framework 3.5 on XP, I come across
with the following error message again and again.

There has been an error.
Unknown error while running C:\framework/postgresql/bin/psql.exe -U
postgres -p 8448 -h localhost -c "ALTER USER postgresql PASSWORD '********'"
The application will exit now.
We have seen this on some non-english versions of the install - the
cause is the default locale in PostgreSQL is not compatible with the
SQL_ASCII statements. We need to override the installation locale of
PostgreSQL to resolve this and have an open ticket to resolve it.

-HD 问题解答原文出处