SAP R/3系统的关闭:

2. os level的关闭:stopsap [r3|all]





1.If the database cannot be stopped when the R/3 System is stopped, this may be because:
The database is performing a rollback of aborted transactions caused by the shutdown of the R/3 System. Depending on the last commit and the application, this can take a long time.
An online backup is running. You should wait until the online backup is finished.n The archiver becomes stuck at exactly the time you are stopping the R/3 System. To free the file system, you should save the archives in the correct order to tape.

2. If there is no obvious reason why the database cannot be stopped, the database administrator should use transaction SM21 to check the R/3 System log and the database alert file.

3. Before you try again to stop the database, ensure that the problem is solved.

4. For further information, see the R/3 Online Documentation on database backup, reorganization, and recovery.