The MVP program team finally organized MVP learning challenges few days ago. As a fan of MS learning and skill challenges, I certainly can't miss this rare opportunity to complete all three challenges ASAP.

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In fact, it's just a small part of the many learning challenges I've tried. As Microsoft pays more and more attention to training technical and non-technical personnel who are familiar with cloud computing, data science, artificial intelligence and even collaborative office platform, MS Learn, an open and free learning platform, is also getting more and more attention. That's why I introduced these information at the MVP monthly meeting.

The biggest benefit of MS Learn is not that it have rich contents with great system, nor that it is updated and added new contents every day, but that it well balances the contradiction between the delayed satisfaction of learning and the immediate satisfaction of the game. We often find that children do not even want to learn, because the results of learning may take a long time to be reflected. MS learn can get points, badges and trophies when you complete every learning path, every learning module and even every page through a game like achievement system.

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Besides competing with yourself, you can also compete with others. In recent years, Microsoft has launched many learning challenges through different events or activities, such as Ignite, build conference etc. Some will be awarded free exam voucher, some will be awarded unique badge.

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Think about it, how cool it is to share these badges with LinkedIn and your own social media. So, how can we maintain the interest in learning and completing the challenge? I used some tools myself to schedule and track progress. For example, OneNote.

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It's easy to save documents‘ links, write down notes and record which challenges have been completed. When you tick one by one, it brings a full sense of achievement.

As we said earlier, Microsoft has invested a lot of cost to encourage learning these years. So many learning challenges are rewarded, and the common reward is exam coupon. You can take part in the examination for free. Therefore, in my experience, I strongly recommend that you use these coupons to take exams and verify your learning achievements.

In the introduction page of Microsoft exam, most of them now provide a suggested learning paths. It is strongly recommended that these learning paths should be organized into collections, and the learning should be completed step by step in accordance with the learning challenges described above. Of course, just using MS Learn may not guarantee passing the exam. We also need to check the great documentation site. In the same way, you can record the key notes in the document learning, arrange and record your own test plan and results.

Start with Challenge, Keep on Learning_MS Learn_08I can only say that what is more attractive than the MS learn badge is the Microsoft Certification badge. Microsoft certification can help practitioners to establish the ability to prove, enhance professional ability and credibility. This is based on the data and information collected by Vue examination system.

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I am still learning. With free learning platform and free examination opportunities, why not actively participate?

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Here I post some collections for exam again:

AZ-900 云基础:Azure Fundamental

AZ-104 云管理员:Azure Administrator

AZ-303/AZ-304 云架构师:Azure Solution Architect

AI-100 人工智能工程师:Azure AI Engineer Associate

AZ-400 DevOps专家:Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

Azure IoT 专家:Azure IoT Developer Specialty