What is a SharePoint List and its diffreence from SharePoint Document Library

Mostly SharePoint stores and displays information in the form ofa list. These are similar to databases which we use to store information and provide reports as well.

Organizationsuse SharePoint list to organize information in SharePoint. SharePoint list is a collection of data.

A listwill have 3 components: item, fields, and views.

·        Items: An item is like arecord in a database, like customer information.

·        Fields: List fields arelike columns in database or metadata. Fields can be customer name, email address, mobile number, etc.

·        Views: List used Views todisplay the list data.

how to create a list on you SharePoint site​:

 SharePoint List and Document Library_SharePoint List

 SharePoint List and Document Library_Document Library_02

 SharePoint List and Document Library_SharePoint List_03 

We can add various columns to a SharePoint list like single line text, multi line text, currency, or choice etc to store different types of information in SharePoint.

SharePoint List is a table just like Excel, to storecontacts. Just like a table in Excel, it contains rows and columns.  Rows for data,columns for  ​​metadata​​. In SharePoint, this table is called a SharePoint list.


What is SharePointdocument library.

A library in SharePoint isessentially a  special list, explicitly created to store documents. That’s all it is. Itis a special web part that already exists in SharePoint (called  Document Library) that allows storing documents and has all the functionalityaround documents (document preview, versioning, check-in/check-out, document approval, file type breakdown, etc.)

 SharePoint List and Document Library_SharePoint List_04