With SCCM 1806, you enable PXE responder and get rid of ​​WDS​​ as it isn’t required anymore. This is a great feature because the PXE-enabled distribution point can now be a client or server OS.

In addition it can be a Windows Server Core. This new PXE responder service supports IPv6, and also enhances the flexibility of PXE-enabled distribution points in remote offices.

Enable PXE Responder without WDS (Windows Deployment Service)

To enable PXE responder without WDS, go to distribution points. Select the distribution point, right click and click Properties.

On the PXE tab of the distribution point properties, check Enable a PXE responder without Windows Deployment Service.

This new option enables a PXE responder on the distribution point, which doesn’t require ​​Windows Deployment Services​​ (WDS). On the confirmation box, click Yes to enable ConfigMgr PXE responder.

SCCM Enable PXE Responder without WDS_PXE

SCCM Enable PXE Responder without WDS_without WDS_02