This is a tutorial to install the 3d graphics application Alias Maya 6.5 from the .rmp files you get on the cd if you purchase it. You should copy these to your hard drive, preferably to your home folder.
本教程是关于如何从你所购买的三维图形程序Maya 6.5光盘中利用.rpm格式的文件来进行安装,你要将其拷到你的硬盘时里,最好是你的Home目录中。
This install was made in Ubuntu Hoary 386 with the 2.6.10 kernel. I have no idea if it will work on other systems.
本安装在Ubuntu Hoary 386(内核为2.6.10)上测试通过,本人并没保证是否可以在其他系统也能正常工作。
1. Maya needs the C shell program "csh" so you need to apt-get it.
1、Maya需要名为“CSH”的程序,因此你需要apt-get 它。

2. Install the program Alien to convert your maya .rmp files to .deb.

3. Use "alien -iv xxx.rpm": (i for install, v for verbose). Replace the x'es with the correct numbers of your packages.
3、使用"alien -iv xxx.rpm":(参数i是安装,v则是详细模式)。将下面所列的x用你包的正常数字代替。

4. Create the following links:

5. Maya wants to use the directory /usr/tmp/ for storing temporary files.

6. You will need to create a directory for storing the license file (usually called aw.dat), then copy the file to it.

"cd" to the directory where you put your "aw.dat", then:

7. Run the license install script "installKey" in /usr/aw/COM/bin/ (you can do this in your window browser, in Gnome - Nautilus). Point it to /var/flexlm/aw.dat.
8. Type "/aw/maya6.5/bin/Maya6.5" to start, or use Smeg to create a shortcut in the Gnome panel.
9. As you probably will want to use the "Alt-key+mouse button" combination to pan and rotate in your viewport, open System/Preferences/Windows in the upper Gnome panel and change the Movement Key to Control or Super.
You also need to have graphics drivers (and card) with openGL support, but the drivers you get with Ubuntu will probably work. Otherwise, check the Ubuntu howtos for how to install your driver.
你的显卡驱动必须带OpenGL支持,不过你用Ubuntu自带的驱动也许就可以很发地工作。否则的话,请查找Ubuntu HOWTO以便知道如何安装你的驱动。
Good Luck!