doing automatic ubuntu installations with FAI - Fully Automatic install from a debian sarge or ubuntu warty install server with FAI 2.6.5
通过Debian Sarge或Ubuntu Warty装有FAI 2.6.5--全自动安装软件的安装服务器来自动安装Ubuntu。
* can be made easily with a shared fai config dir and an extra nfsroot directory - install some ubuntu machines, some sarge, maybe some sid... (will try progeny, too)
* 通过一个共享的FAI配置文件目录和一个额外的NFS根目录就可以很容易地完成--安装一些Ubuntu机器、一些Sarge、也许是一些SID...(也可能是以后的版本)
* here it's short documented what i did the last day when i installed ubuntu linux with FAI
* 这里是我在安装Ubuntu Linux(装有FAI)之后写的一篇小短文。
* assumes a working FAI system on a debian sarge install server - this is probably the hardest part as long as Thomas Lange hasn't released his new fai-cd creation script which he showed at FOSDEM 2005 - a warty server might do the same. See the FAI Home Page or /usr/share/doc/fai for how to do this.
* 假设在Debian Sarge安装服务器上有一个正在运行的FAI系统-只要Thomas Lange没有发布他在2005年的FOSDEM所展示的新FAI-CD创建脚本,该系统也许是最稳定的-Warty服务器也可能做到。详细做法请参见 FAI首页或/usr/share/doc/fai
* install FAI like describe in it's docs:
* 如FAI文档所描述的那样去安装FAI:
* on a debian sarge system, install ubuntu's debootstrap from here - needed because sarge package is missing warty scripts (might contact maintainer if patch is done?!)
* 在Debian Sarge系统中,安装Ubuntu的Debootstrap--这样做是因为Sarge包没运行Warty的脚本(如果补丁已经做好可以联系维护人员)
* make copy of the fai config in /etc/fai to /etc/ubuntu-fai -
* 将/etc/fai中的FAI配置文件拷至/etc/ubuntu-fai
* adjust some things there, my config files look like this after that - short said, sources.list for ubuntu, nfsroot, debootstrap options...
* 修改相关的数据。我的配置文件看上去象这样,一段简短的说明之后附上Ubuntu的sources.list,nfsroot,debootstrap选项...
* run make-fai-nfsroot -c /etc/ubuntu-fai
* 运行make-fai-nfsroot -c /etc/ubuntu-fai
* adjust /etc/exports to export the ubuntu nfsroot
* 修改/etc/exports以便导出Ubuntu的nfsroot
* adjust dhcp config so the nfsroot for the host to be installed to use ubuntu
* 修改DHCP配置以便nfsroot可以让被安装的主机可以使用Ubuntu
* adjust package config in fai config dir (can be resused from debian original config) which is broken (at least on my setup) because of some missing packages now ( would be great if those errors would be more verbose or otherwise better to find, or if there would be an option to apt-get install that it still installs available packages even if some of the packages in the parameters are missing from repository)
* 在安装时由于错失当前某些包(可能是由于那些错误十分冗长或相反更容易找到,抑或是在apt-get安装时的参数让其必须安装有效包,甚至是在参数中的一些包并未包含在软件库中)而被迫中断时(至少在我安装时是这样),在FAI配置目录中修改包配置(可以使用Debian的原始配置)
* start the fai install
* enjoy ubuntu
* 享受Ubuntu吧
some time later, i realized that my cdrom wasnt found after that, and found out that this has something to do with the udev daemon ubuntu uses. it helped to load the kernel module ide-cd and cdrom (that was not neccessary in sarge) in case more problems occur (i don't remeber any more), the ubuntu bootstrapping howto might help.
过了一会儿,我了解到系统没有找到我的CDROM,并发现Ubuntu使用udev守护程序来帮助引导内核模块IDE-CD和CDROM(这在 Sarge中是不需要的)以防出现更多的问题(我记不太清了)。Ubuntu的Bootstrapping指南可以帮助解决该问题。
thanks to Thomas Lange for creating such a productivity-enhancing tool Smile
感谢Thomas Lange创建了能如此增进效率的工具。
I have some plans to optimize these docs here and provide patches for hoary - see todo list on my personal wiki for details.
This how-to applies to: Any version