* 2.6.6.S/MIME Encryption
* 2.6.6.S/MIME加密
S/MIME encryption also uses a key-based approach, but it has some significant advantages in convenience and security. S/MIME uses certificates, which are similar to keys. The public portion of each certificate is held by the sender of a message and by one of several certificate authorities, who are paid to guarantee the identity of the sender and the security of the message. Evolution already recognizes a large number of certificate authorities, so when you get a message with an S/MIME certificate, your system automatically receives the public portion of the certificate and decrypts or verifies the message.
S/MIME加密也使用基于密钥的方式,但它在便利和安全上有着一些优势。S/MIME使用证书,这是同密钥相类似的东西。每个证书的公开部分被信息的发送人和几个证书授予机构(受雇来担保发送人身份和信息安全)之一保留。Evolution已经可以识别相当多的证书授予机构,因此当你收到带 S/MIME证书的信息时,你的系统会自动接收证书的公开部分并对解密或认证信息。
S/MIME is used most often in corporate settings. In these cases, administrators supply certificates that they have purchased from a certificate authority. In some cases, an organization can act as its own certificate authority, with or without a guarantee from a dedicated authority such as Verisign or Thawte*. In either case, the system administrator provides you with a certificate file.
If you want to use S/MIME independently, you can extract an identification certificate from your Mozilla or Netscape Web browser. See the Mozilla help for more information on security certificates.
The certificate file is a password-protected file on your computer. To use it in Evolution:
认证文件在你计算机上是用密码保护的。在Evolution使用它: a Signing Certificate添加单个证书
1. Click Edit > Preferences, then click Certificate Tool.
1. 点击编辑>首选项,然后点击证书。
2. Click Import.
2. 点击导入。
3. Select the file to import, then click OK.
3. 选择导入的文件,然后点击确定。
4. Click Close.
4. 点击关闭
Similarly, you can add certificates that are sent to you independently of any authority by clicking the Contact Certificates tab and using the same Import tool. You can also add new certificate authorities, which have their own certificate files, in the same way.
相类似地,通过点击联系人标签并使用相同的导入功能,你可以添加一些授予机构发给你的独立证书。你也可以通过相同的方式添加新的拥有自己证书文件的证书授予机构。 or Encrypting Every Message签名或加密每一条信息
After you have added your certificate, you can sign or encrypt a message by clicking Security > S/MIME Sign or S/MIMe Encrypt in the message composer.
在你添加了你的证书之后,你就可以通过在撰写新件窗口中点击安全 > S/MIME签名或S/MIME加密来对信息进行加密或签名了。
To have every message signed or encrypted:
1.Click Tools > Options, then select the account to encrypt the messages in.
1.点击工具 > 选项,然后选择要加密信息的账号。
2.Click Edit, then click Security.
3.Click Select next to Signing Certificate and specify the path to your signing certificate.
Click Select next to Encryption Certificate and specify the path to your encryption certificate.

4.Select the appropriate options.
5.Click OK.
6.Click Close.