* 2.6.4.Encrypting Messages
* 2.6.4.加密信息
To encrypt a single message:
1. Open a Compose a Message window.
1. 打开撰写新件窗口。
2. Click Security > PGP Encrypt.
2. 单击安全 > PGP 加密。
3. Compose your message, then click Send.
3. 撰写信息,然后发送。
You can set Evolution to always sign your e-mail messages:
1. Click Edit > Preferences, then select Mail Accounts.
1. 点击编辑>首选项,然后点击邮件帐号。
2. Select the account you want to use securely, then click Edit.
2. 选择你想安全使用的帐号,然后点击编辑。
3. Click the Security tab.
3. 点击安全标签。
4. Select Always Sign Outgoing Messages When Using This Account.
4. 选择总是当使用该帐户时总是发送签名信件。
5. Click OK.
5. 单击OK。
6. Click Close.
6. 单击关闭。
* 2.6.5.Unencrypting a Received Message
* 2.6.5.解密收到的信息
If you receive an encrypted message, you need to decrypt it before you read it. Remember, the sender must have your public key before they can send you an encrypted message.
When you view the message, Evolution prompts you for your PGP password. Enter it, and the unencrypted message is displayed.