* 2.6.2.Getting and Using GPG Public Keys
* 2.6.2.获取和使用GPG公钥
To send an encrypted message, you need to use the recipient's public key in combination with your private key. Evolution handles the encryption, but you need to get the public key and add it to your keyring.
To get public keys from a public key server, enter the command gpg --recv-keys --keyserver wwwkeys.pgp.net keyid, substituting keyid for your recipient's ID. You need to enter your password, and the ID is automatically added to your keyring.
为了从公共密钥服务器中得到公钥,键入命令gpg --recv-keys --keyserver wwwkeys.pgp.net keyid,其中keyid就是收件人的ID。你需要输入你的密码,然后该ID就会自动添加到你的密钥串中。
If someone sends you a public key directly, save it as a plain text file and enter the command gpg filename to add it to your keyring.
如果有人直接给你发送公钥,将它作为简单文本文件保存,并键入命令gpg 文件名,以便将其添加到你的密钥串中。