Step 9c: Implementing a BBCode parser

There are multiple BBCode parsers available for PHP, but are generally considered slow when implemented in pure PHP.


An example BBCode bridge is provided that uses StringParser_BBCode, available from GitHub which is a git mirror of the library written by Christian Seiler located here.

这里是Christian Seiler使用StringParser_BBCode编写的一个BBCode桥示例,这是一个放置在GitHub的git镜像库。

For details on the configuration, look at this gist. It requires ExerciseHTMLPurifier bundle being installed but does not require the HTMLPurifier bridge to be defined.

关于更多配置细节,请参见 gist。它要求安装ExerciseHTMLPurifier功能包,但不要求定义HTMLPurifier 桥。

That is it!

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