Necessary guarantee of safe and reliable operation of the drum type gear coupling, is also slow down the wear and tear.

In the tooth root bending strength and contact strength enough conditions to have larger contact ratio to determine the tooth width, should not blindly increase tooth width, lest make unnecessary structure size increases.The average coefficient of tooth width of 8 to 14.Minimum tooth root stress of the tooth width should be allowed to determine, but also caused by axial Angle displacement of points along the tooth width required width.

Important way to improve the service life of the drum type gear coupling.Influence coefficient of tooth width of tooth root bending strength and contact strength, the greater the coefficient of tooth width, both the intensity, the greater the influence coefficient of tooth width of coincidence degree, the coefficient of tooth width is less than a certain value range, the increase of the value of a greater influence on the contact ratio increases, while in the is greater than a certain value, the value impact on the contact ratio increased with the increasing of smaller, for circular arc curve of drum type gear coupling, tooth width or to determine the degree of drum circle radius and the parameters of the lateral clearance, tooth width, the greater the degree of drum circle radius, the greater the lateral clearance is required, the greater the, therefore, need the following two requirements: drum type gear coupling of drum gear tooth surface of internal and external tooth contact conditions improved, avoided under the condition of angular displacement straight tooth gear tooth edge extrusion, the disadvantages of stress concentration, and at the same time improve the tooth surface friction, wear, reduced the noise, maintenance cycle is long.Tooth set of gear tooth is in the shape of the horn to make internal and external gear installation is very convenient.

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