Type coupling with elastic dowel pin good compensation axial, radial and angular axis offset performance, good vibration damping performance, simple structure, stable and reliable, no noise, no lubrication, easy maintenance, easy installation, good in usability, low cost, can be derived for multiple structure situation, high universality, broad scope, easy to promote.The coupling is one of the most prominent advantages only need to install, replace the elastic element, without moving half coupling, can reduce the auxiliary time, improve the efficiency of production, especially suitable for the axis of the installation difficulties, requirements to minimize the auxiliary, provide the production efficiency, especially applicable to axis of installation difficulties, requirements to minimize the auxiliary working environment.Elastic dowel pin bush coupling is by our country's new high-performance coupling, it focus now standard elastic coupling has the advantages of different structures, such as has the advantage that the plum flower form elastic coupling: elastic element to be squeezed, simple structure, high reliability.Overcomes the drawback of the plum blossom elastic coupling: replace the elastic element, must move half coupling, double flanged torx elastic coupling, though can not move half couplings can also replace the elastic element, but the structure is complex, high cost, increase the quality and the moment of inertia, application range is restricted, passing the same torque, the radial dimension is much smaller than column elastic sleeve pin couplings, light quality, small moment of inertia.

1: the fixed shaft coupling.Mainly used in the two axis in a strict and not relative displacement takes place in the work, are simple structure, easy manufacturing, and instantaneous speed is the same, two axis are mainly flange coupling, coupling sleeve coupling, clip shell, etc.

2: portable coupling.Mainly used in the two axis deflection or have relative displacement in the work place, according to the method to compensate the displacement and can be divided into rigid portable coupling and flexible movable type coupling.

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