CMAK is a Windows Server 2008 feature that simplifies the configuration of remote client connections.
CMAK creates an installable file you can distribute to users.These installer files can be e-mailed or placed on a Web server or an accessible file share. When installed ,all necessary settings for a remote access configuration are set up.
Creating a CMAK profile is a wizard-driven process that involves the following steps:
1.Specify whether the profile will be for a computer running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2003、Windows XP or Windows 2000.
2.Choosing whether to create a new profile or modify an existing profile.
3.Specifying a Kerberos realm(领域) name (if necessary).
4.Specifying a ××× Server or a list of ××× Servers to which the client can choose to connect.
5.Configuring the properties of a ××× connections.
* Disabling file and printer sharing
* Limiting connectivity to IPv4,IPv6,or both
* Configuring ××× Domain Name System(DNS )
* Configuring authentication and encryption setting. This include the ability to limit ××× to a particular protocol .
6.Adding a phone book file with a list of numbers a client can use as a dial-up connection to the Internet prior to accessing the ×××(if necessary).
7.Configuring proxy setting for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
8.Configuring custom icons,graphics,and help files for the connection.
Default save folder:%Program Files%\CMAK\Profiles\(filename)\
Users of client computer do not need administrative privileges(特权) to install CMAK profiles because they already have the rights necessary to create dial-up and ××× connections.