1、File-Settings-Editor-File Code Templates 配置Python Script模板文件;



  • ${PROJECT_NAME} - the name of the current project.

  • ${NAME} - the name of the new file which you specify in the New File dialog box during the file creation.

  • ${USER} - the login name of the current user.

  • ${DATE} - the current system date.

  • ${TIME} - the current system time.

  • ${YEAR} - the current year.

  • ${MONTH} - the current month.

  • ${DAY} - the current

  •  day of the month.

  • ${HOUR} - the current hour.

  • ${MINUTE} - the current minute.

  • ${PRODUCT_NAME} - the name of the IDE in which the file will be created.

  • ${MONTH_NAME_SHORT} - the first 3 letters of the month name. Example: Jan, Feb, etc.

  • ${MONTH_NAME_FULL} - full name of a month. Example: January, February, etc.