openmoko资源openmoko资源 OpenMoko SVN包 svn is located at ... and you can browse it by simply directing your web browser there. Use svn checkout get the sources in usable form. gsmd - The gsm daemon talking to the GSM Modem is the GSM daemon running in background of an OpenMoko phone, managing the traditional 'phone' parts (voice/sms/gprs communication links) of the phone. gpsd - The gps daemon talking to the GPS Unit Toolchain builds its own cross compiler during the bootstrapping/build process. The links on this page provided a standalone toolchain for Bootloader and Kernel development. But this is no longer used or up to date. Please use the toolchain that comes with OpenEmbedded. Building OpenMoko with OpenEmbedded, our distribution, is built using Open Embedded. Open Embedded will: 1.Generate (cross-compile) software packages for multiple embedded targets. 2.Handle different hardware architectures, and support multiple releases across those architectures. For more information please see the Open Embedded website.

OpenMoko under QEMU
Neo 1973在正式上市之后将会有两种完全不同的包装,其中面向个人用户的基本版包括主机、电池、手写笔、耳机、充电器、保护套、挂绳、512MB micro SD存储卡和mini USB数据线,具体的售价为450美元,也就是3400元人民币左右。而标价高达600美元,约合人民币4500元的“开发版”则是以基本版为基础,附带 了更多的内容,比如专门用于调试和诊断的数据线、主板,工具开发包,拆卸工具等。