[CFT] FreeBSD python25 move to python26 as default version.

A few weeks ago I started the work on an update of
lang/python26. With this update I want to move to
python26 as the default python version. I’ve tested
a lot of ports which work fine. I’ve given pav@ a patch
for a exp-run, to check how many regressions we have with
this move. I’d like to call for testing of this patch to
make sure I don’t break too many ports.

Please do following:

Make sure your portstree is uptodate,
fetch the patch here:


Apply the patch. If you have 2.5.x installed, perform an
upgrade of lang/python25 to lang/python26 with a command like:

# portupgrade -o lang/python26 lang/python25

If you want to keep 2.5.x installed alongside 2.6.x, set the
PYTHON_DEFAULT_VERSION variable to ‘python2.5′ without quotes in
make.conf, then go to lang/python and execute

# portupgrade -R python

Once the installed Python has been updated to 2.6, by using one of the
methods above, it is required to run the upgrade-site-packages target in
lang/python to assure that site-packages are made available to the new Python

# cd /usr/ports/lang/python && make upgrade-site-packages

This Makefile target requires ports-mgmt/portupgrade to be installed.

Happy Testing!