Altiris 升级到7.0 之后,大家都发现 无法在IE上重新配置了,以前在 6.0 修复解决方案,数据库直接

在IE上就可以操作,7.0 改用SIM 之后,无法直接在IE上修复了 ,下面是官方给出了方法 ,供参考:



There are two steps in the supported method of running a repair in Notification Server 7.  NSsetup is no longer a supported method.  The process is as follows


1.  Repair through SIM -  A repair through SIM will run a repair on the MSIs for the solution or solutions chosen. When you run SIM there is a product listing of all the installed solutions and suites.  Each listing has a repair button that will allow you to repair all solutions for that listing.

2. Database reconfigure - 

Within the Console - Go to Settings - Notification Server Settings - Database Settings.  Click on the Reconfigure Database button.  This will reconfigure all installed solutions.

Using aexconfig -  In Altiris\Notification Server\bin is the file AexConfig.exe.  Run this in a command prompt using the switch /Configure <Path to product installation xml file> to configure one product at a time.  Use the switch /ConfigureAll to configure all installed solutions.