Title Block Tab   标题栏内容标签

The Title Block tab has fields that contain the information found on a typical paper-based title block . Some fields are filled in automatically ; you complete the rest . You may not be able edit the contents of some fields . Your assigned roles and privileges determine which entries you are allowed to edit .

For more information about editing items , see Editing an Unreleased Item on page 20 and Editing a Released Item on page 21

For more information about Title Block fields , see Fields on the Title Block Tab on page 4

Fields on the Title Block Tab

By default the item object Title Block tab contains the fields listed in the following table . Agile administrators determine which fields are enabled and visible on the Title Block tab .

默认情况下项目对象的标题块标签下把汗如下表中的字段。Agile 管理员决定哪些字段可以被可见在标题块标签下。

In Web Client , the Title Block can contain two  additional sections , called Page Two and Page Three by default . In Java Client , there are separate tabs . Agile administrators can add custom class fields to Page Two section and  customer subclass fields to the Page Three section . The Agile administrator determines whether these sections are enabled , and what they are called .

在Web客户端,标题狂可以包含两个额外的段落,默认被成为第二页和第三页。在Java客户端中,有一个独立的标签。Agile 管理员可以添加客户类字段到第二页和客户子类字段到第三页。Agile 管理员决定这些内容是否可用,以及他们调用什么。

Field                                                                                Definition

Number      The item's number . The item number is completed when the item is created . Depending on Agile system settings , the

                  number may be automatically generated or the user may enter a number .

编码           项目的编码。项目编码是在项目被创建后产生的。根据Agile 系统设置,编码可以自动产生或者用户输入。

Description    Text that describes the item . By default , descriptions can be up to 240 characters , counting spaces and carriage returns

                      (carriage returns count as two spaces)

描述              项目的描述文本,默认情况,描述可以有240个字符,包括空格和回车。(回车占两个空间)

Size              Drawing size ; select from the list .

大小             工程图大小,从列表中选择。

Product Line(s)   The product group or groups that include this item ; select from the list .

产品线          项目中包含的产品组,从列表中选择。

Lifecycle Phase  The lifecycle phase of the item for the displayed revision , for example ,Prototype or Production

生命周期阶段     项目版本信息的生命周期阶段,例如原型或者产品

Rev Incorp Date   The date an item is incorporated ; automatically completed when the item is incorporated .

合成时间          项目组合的时间,当项目被组合后自动完成。

Rev Release Date    The date an item is released ; automatically completed when the item is released.

发布时间           项目发布的时间,当项目发不是自动完成。

Part Type         The subclass of this item ; completed when the item is created . Depending on Agile system settings , the part type field

                        may be automatically completed or the user may select a part type . See Changing an Item's Subclass on page 22

部件类型         项目的子类;当项目建立后完成。依赖Agile 系统设置,不见类型字段可以自动完成或者用户自行选择。

Part Category  The category that includes the item ; select from the list .

部件目录         项目中包含的目录,从列表中选择。

Effectivity Date  Displays the date the revison becomes effective . This date is specified on the Affected Items tab of the change that

                        released the revision . See also Site Specific Effectivity and Obsolete Dates.

有效日期        显示版本改为有效的日期。这个日期在一个版本被发布的变更发生时,在影响的项目标签里配置。

Item Group(s)    If this field has been enabled , it displays the item groups of which the current item is a member.

项目组           如果这个字段可用,它显示当前项目是哪个组的成员。

Shippable Item   These fields are associated with Agile PG&C . For more information about Product Grovernance & Compliance ,

Exclude from Rollup     See the Agile Product Governance and Comliance User Guide .

Compliance Calculated   See also Agile Administrator Guide and Getting Started with Agile PLM



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