To locate and open an item , follow the instructions in Getting Started with Agile PLM .定为和打开一个项目可以参考Getting Started with Agile PLM

       When you view an item in Web Client , information about it is displayed on tabs in the right content pane.  当你使用WebClient查看项目 , 有关的信息显示在标签的右边

       When you view an item in Java Client , information about it is displayed on tabs in an item window. 当你使用JavaClient 查看一个项目,相关的信息显示在一个项目窗体内

     The following table lists the items tabs.

     The Agile administrator may have added additional tabs or sections , called Page Two and Page Three by default .

     These tabs or sections contain custom fields defined by the administrator .

Item tab name                                                         Tab information includes

Title Block Tab      General information about the item , unique class and subclass fields defined by the Agile administrator

标题栏内容标签                 关于项目的一般信息,以及被Agile 管理员定义的独特的字段和子类字段

Changes Tab       Any pending or released changes against the item

更改 标签            任何未解决或发布的对这个项目不利的更改

BOM Tab         The item's bill of material

物料清单标签     项目的物料清单

Manufacturers    Manufacturer and manufacturer parts information about sources for that part

制造商               源于这个零件的制造商以及制造商零件信息

Site Tab           The manufacturering sites that use the item

站点标签          使用这个项目的制造商站点

Prices Tab       Prices associated with the item

价格标签          与这个项目相关的价格信息

Quality Tab     Information about Product Quality Managment(PQM) objects associated with this item . Product Service Request(PSRs)

                       are problem reports or non-conformance reports about this item.

‍质量标签        与这个项目有关的质量管理信息,产品服务请求 是一个问题报表或者是不合格报表

Compliance Tab  Information about the compliance to material regulations related to the item.

承诺标签             关于这个项目的常规草料承诺信息。

Suppliers Tab     Information about the approved suppliers for the item . This tab is used in both the PG&C and PCM solutions

供应商标签       关于这个项目的认证供应商

 Relationships Tab The Relationships tab allows you to create relationships with other Agile objects and to create dependen

                                between the current item object and other routable objects.

关系标签                  关系比啊前允许你创建这个对象与其他Agile 可路由对象的关系

Where Used Tab    Where the item is used

哪里用标签              这个项目哪里在使用

Attachments  Tab    Attached drawings and files

附件标签                  附带的工程图和文件

History Tab            Actions taken on the item  , for example when p_w_uploads were added and removed

历史标签               在这个项目上的动作,比如附件什么时间被添加和删除的。