Base class                          class                         Sub class                                                   Description

Non-Routable Objects: objects in these classes are not routed to Agile PLM users with workflow ; objects from some of these classes , however , are changed by a user submitting a workflow ( from routable classes ) for approval from other users .

非路由对象: 这些类对象不是路由到Agile PLM 的用户和工作流的,这些类的一些对象通过用户提交一个工作流被改变,可以由其他用户提交批准。

Customers                 Customers                            Customer               Clients of the company

客户                             客户                                        客户                      公司的客户

Discussions              Discussions                            Discussion             Informal , threaded dialogue

讨论                              讨论                                        讨论                      非正式的 对话

File Folders                File folders                          File Folder                Objects that include files or URLs :

                                                                                                                this class includes all file folder objects

                                                                                                                except historical report file folder

文件夹                        文件夹                                  文件夹                      包含文件或网址的对象

                                   Designs                             Design                        Objects used for CAD intergration

Manufactures             Manufactures                      Manufacture             Qualified  manufactures

制造商                           制造商                                 制造商                       合格的制造商

Manufacture Parts   Manufacturer parts            Manufacturer parts      Parts provided by manufacturers

制造商零件                  制造商零件                        制造商零件                  制造商提供的零件

Part Groups                Part groups                        Commondity              Containers of other parts (items or manufacturer parts) that share

                                                                             Part Family                 the same properties , such as prices , approved supplier lists and


零件组                          零件组                              商品零件家族              包含其他零件(项目或者制造商零件)共享相同的属性,价格被认


Prices              Quote Historians                   Quote History                 Organizes bid prices from RFQ responses ;

                                                                                                            cannot be revised by a PCO(see Changes)

价格                   历史报价                               历史报价                        从询价相应组织投标价格,不能修改由PCO

                        Published Prices                    Published Price              Organizes prices of the company's products ;

                                                                      Contract                          can be revised by a PCO

                        发布的价格                            发布的价格 联络              公司产品的询价,可以通过PCO 修改

Reports          Standard Repors                    Administrator Report        The out-of-box reports for administrators(Administrator Reports)

                                                                     Standard Report              and users (Standard Reports include Products , Sourcing , Quality

                                                                                                              process , Personal and Global reports)

报表                 标准报表                               管理员报表,标准报表      管理源和用户提供的报表                   

                        Custom Reports                    Custom Report                Reports created and used within company

                        客户报表                               客户报表                           公司创建并且使用的报表

                       External Reports                     External Report               Reports created outside Agile PLM

                       外部报表                                 外部包包                          Agile PLM之外创建的报表

Request For Quote  Requests for quote       RFQ                                Requests for quote , which are assembled from sourcing projects

                                                                                                              and sent to suppilers for formal bids

报价请求      报价请求                                                                           询价请求,从供货项目装配的并且发给供应商为正式的投标

RFQ Responses  RFQ responses               RFQ Response                Bids , that is , responses from suppliers to your company's RFQs

报价请求回复        报价请求回复                     报价请求回复                  竞投,即从供应商的反应到公司的询价

Sites            Sites                                        Sites                               Manufacturing locations within the company or closely partnered with

                                                                                                          the company

场地            场地                                          场地                               公司内部的制造场地或者公司附近的伙伴

Sourcing Projects                                                                          Work preparatory to creating RFQs and capability for analysis across

                                                                                                          multiple RFQs

采购项目                                                                                           准备工作创建报价请求以及多个报价请求交叉分析的能力

Specifications       Specifications               Specification                Lists of banned substances (or substances of concern) and their

                                                                                                          threshold values

规格                          性能参数                       性能规范                    禁用物质清单(或关注的物质)和阀值

Substances            substances                  substance                    A single chemical element used in compsition of items , manufacturer

                                                                                                         parts , and part families

物质                           物质                             物质                            项目,制造商零件以及部件族中使用的一种化学物质

                                Materials                      Material                        A compound chemical , a substance consisting of multiple subsances

                                材料                                材料                         一种化学混合物,物质组成多个物质

                               Subparts                      Subpart                        A subunit of a component

                                子部件                         子部件                           一个组件的子部件

                               Substance Groups     Substance Group          A group of multiple substances with a base substance that is what

                                                                                                        legislation is interested in , for example "lead and Lead Compounds"

                              物质组                        物质组                          法规关注的 多个物质组成的组合

Suppliers               Suppliers                  Broker Distributor            Qualified suppliers of manufacturer parts ; used by PCM and PG&C

                                                               Component Mfr                solutions

                                                               Contract Mfr

                                                              Mfr  Representative

Users                     Users                         Users                             Individuals using the Agile PLM system

用户                                                                                                使用Agile PLM系统的人

User Groups          User groups               User Group                    Groups of people using the Agile PLM system

用户组                     用户组                         用户组                           使用Agile PLM系统的人的分组


Your Agile administrator may have created or renamed subclasses . The administrator defines new objects by creating subclass objects

under each object class . For example , under the Deviations class , you could see new subclasses such as "MechDev" , "SWDev" and "Part Switch" in addition to the default subclass Deviation.

Agile 管理员可能已经建立或重命名的子类。管理员通过创建子类的新对象 在每个对象类。例如:根据偏差类,你可以看到诸如 MechDev “SWDev” 和部件的开关 ,除了默认的子类偏差的新子类。