The following two tables list all the possible installed objects types in Agile PLM . Classes are grouped being routable or non-routable,

which is discussed further on . Also covered in this section:

下面两个列表列出所有可能在Agile PLM 上安装的对象类型。被分为可路由的和不可路由的,本节还包括:

       Discovery and Read Privileges    发现和读取权限

       Routable and Non-Routable Objects   可路由的和不可路由的对象

       The following two tables list all the possible installed object types in Agile PLM , grouped by the routable and non-routable distinction. Your company may have purchased server licenses to a subset of this list . A class appears grayed out in the administrator's list of classes if your company has not purchased its server license.

       下面两个表列出所有可能在Agile PLM中安装的对象类型,显示可路由和不可路由对象的区别 。您的公司可能已经购买服务器许可证,这个列表的一个子集。一类呈灰色显示在管理员的类别中的是贵公司没有购买它的服务器许可证。

  Base  class               Class                   Subclass                         Description

Routable objects: the means to direct or recommend changes to non-routable objects ; these classes have a default workflow for changes to seek approval from other users ; objects from these classes can be changed without approval .


Changes         Change Orders                  ECO                           Directives to change an item ; can advance the revision (rev) of an item

更改                  更改单                                                                 指令改变的项目,可以促进一个项目版本

                       Change Reqests                ECR                            Requests for a change to an item

                       更改请求                                                                请求对一个项目的更改

                       Deviations                          Deviation                    Directives to temporarily  substitute one item for another

                       偏差                                                                       指示一个暂时的替代一个项目的对象

                       Manufacturer  Orders         MCO                         Changes to AML data , such as information about manufactures

                                                                                                    or manufacture part numbers 


                       在制品订单                                                          为AML的数据 信息的更改,如生产或制造的部件号

                      Price Change Orders         PCO                          Directives to change a published price ; can advance the revision of a 

                                                                                                   published price

                       价格更改单                                                          更改已发布的价格的指令,可以提前发布的价格调整。

                       Site Change Orders          SCO                          Changes to BOM and AML information for a specific site

                       现场位置更改单                                                   为特定位置更改BOM和AML 信息

                      Stop Ships                         Stop Ship                  Directives to stop shipping / using an item

‍                      停止装运                                                              停止装运 或使用一个项目的指令

Declarations    Substance Declarations    Sub stance              Seeks compliance information for each substance within the specification


‍ 申报                资产申报                                                            寻求每个符合规格的资产的信息                                            

                        Part Declarations              Part Declaration      Seeks part-level compliance information and other composition header-

                                                                                                  level information  (manufacturing parameters)

                        零部件申报                                                       寻求部件级符合的信息和其他组件顶层信息(制造参数)  

                       JGP  Declarations               JGP Declaration      Seeks compliance information ( weights) according to the JGP standard


                       Homogeneous Material      Homegeneous        Seeks complete breakdown of parts on the Bill of Substances and

                       Declarations                       Material Declaration   compliance information at the homogeneous material level

                       同类物料申报                                                     寻求符合规定的信息,同类物料并且完整拆分的零部件在资产清单

                       Supplier Declarations of     Supplier Declaration of  Seeks compliance with specifications from customers and government 

                       Conformance                      Conformance                 agencies

                       一致的供应商申报                                            从客户和政府机构中寻求符合规定的

                       IPC 1752-1 Declarations                             A joint Industry Guide material compsition declarationforelectronic products 

                       IPC 1752-1申报                                                  电子业界联合指南

                       IPC 1752-2 Declarations                                    A homogeneous material composition declaration for electronic products

                       IPC 1752-2申报                                                电子产品均质材料成分申报

Packages        Packages                           Package               Packages of data to share with partners      

‍包装                                                                                         与客户共享的包装信息

Product          Problem Reports                Problem Report    Quality incidents with items or products

Services         问题报告                            问题报告               项目或产品的质量事故

Requests      Non-Conformance                NCR                     Quality conformance issues with items or products


‍                      不一致报表                                                        项目或产品的质量一致性问题

Programs       Activities                     Program Phase Task    Components of projects planning in Product Portfolio Management

                                                                                               activities are time-based objects to which resources can be assigned

规划                 活动                            程序 任务    阶段         在产品组合管理中的产品组成的规划活动是一个基于时间的对象     

‍                        Gates                          Gate                           Project managment milestones in Product Portfolio Management ;

                        关口                             关口                          gates identify cross-PLM deliverables of the product development process

                                                                                                to enable executive reviews of programs



Quality     Corrective and                CAPA                          Requests for corrective actions and preventive actions

Change    Preventive Actions


‍质量变化请求  矫正和预防措施                                            请求纠正措施和预防措施 

Transfer Orders    Automated Transfer Orders  ATO          Transfer or publication of a product record that is automatically triggered by

‍                                                                                                a workflow

转移单                      自动转移单                                             由一个工作流自动触发的产品转移或发布的记录

                                Content Transfer Orders        CTO         Transfer or publicaiton of a product record that is manually triggered

                                内容交付单                                               手动触发的产品交付或发布的记录