Product Collaboration Use Cases


This section provides links or information about where to find details about performing the following Product Collaboration tasks:


    Search for Items

    Agile PLM provides a Quick Search , a Custom Search that a list of items attributes the Agile administrator configures and an Advanced Search , which allows you to define complex searches , including Where-used searches.

     In the Web Client navigation pane toolbar, click the Help button ?


    Create Item   创建项目

     Creating Items in Web Client   on page 16

     Creating Items in Java Client on page 18

     Creating an Item Using Add on page 19

     Creating an Item Using Save As on page 17

 Add Item to Preliminary BOM

      Web Client , Adding Items to the BOM Table of a Preliminary Item   85

      Java Client                         92

      Modifying the BOM Table of a Preliminary Item         97 

 Viewing expanded view of a BOM    查看展开的BOM

      Expanding and Collapsing an Assembly        展开和收起一个装配体      80

      Expanding BOM Display Window ,Web Client    展开BOM 显示窗体  web客户端   83

      Using BOM Go To     81

  Create a Change against an item     创建一个更改

      Expanding and Collapsing an Assembly          80

      Expanding BOM Display window ,web Client     83

      Creating Changes       132

    Route a Change Order      指定一个更改单流程

       See Getting Started with Agile PLM ,chapter "Routing Objects with Workflows"   

    Release a Change Order   发布一个更改单

        Releasing an Agile Item to Production   22

        See Getting Started with Agile PLM,chapter "Routing Objects with Workflows"

     Add Affected Items to Changes    增加一个影响项目到更改

        Adding an Item to the Affected Items Tab     145

        Web Client Adding Items to the Affected Items Table    146

        Java Client ,Using the Add Affected Items Wizard   149

     Add Manufacturer Parts to Preliminary Items  

        Adding a Manufacturer Part to the Manufacturers Tab    64

    Redline BOMs and AML

        Redlining the BOM of a Released Item    108

        Redlining Manufacturers Tab          67

     Redine item attributes

        Title Block Redline Tab of ECOs and MCOs    157

        What are Change-Controlled Attributes?           225

     Checkout /Checkin Attributes against Items/Changes /Manufacturer Parts / Manufacturers

         see Getting Starting with Agile PLM chapter "working with Attachments"