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It comes with great pleasure to announce to the world that I have  finally passed the JNCIE-M exam yesterday. It was my second  attempt, the first time was in San Jose and this last time I took it in Herndon. Both facilities are top notch and both proctors David Williams in San Jose and Mark Postma in Herndon where very helpful and fair. I am sure I annoyed them both with millions of  questions on clarifying tasks but they where great about it
There where many people that I must thank for making this possible because withought them obtaining this certification would only be a  dream of mine. First off and most importantly to my lovely wife  Diana for putting up with all of the late study nights. I know it  was not easy and I do not deserve her but I am so thankful that god  has blessed me with this lovely person. Thank you Bill Spurlock for  all of your help and support you have always come through when  needed and I appreciate that so much. Thank you so much Rick  Schenderlein from ietraining.net. Rick has gone far above and  beyond what most training vendors would do to ensure my success. For those who have not had the pleasure of going to one of there  bootcamps I highly recommend it. I do not care how seasoned a  network engineer you are, you will be guaranteed to learn a ton of  information. Bar none these guys provide the best Juniper training  available. Also a big shout out to my two study partners "both who beat me to the JNCIE " Eural Authement and Tim Irwin. It has been  a blast studying with these guys. Look forward to working with you  guys on the JNCIE-ER exam starting next week  And last but certainly not least thank you to Ariff Primji. He was the  inspiration that made me actually believe that it was possible for me to achieve this goal. If it was not for Ariff's inspiration I probably would not have even begun the journey for the JNCIE yet if  ever.
P.S. Before I forgot thanks to all of the Group Study members on  this list who have helped me as well. There are two many people to  name here but thank you all so much. Also thank you Harry for the amazing book!!! And to everyone on there way to the JNCIE do not give up or accept defeat. You only fail when you stop trying.
Hey guys,
I have had many requests on how I have prepared for the exam so let 
me share with everyone.
1.) First and foremost for all of the exams I used the Sybex study guides by Joseph M. Soricelli and Harry Reynolds. I did not take any  shortcuts by going straight for the JNCIS. I think it is a good idea 
to start off with the JNCIA. All of the Sybex books are out of print and you can buy them used on Amazon for a very steep price  I would  suggest just obtaining the free copies of these study guides on  Juniper's web site which can be found at this link.
2.) After reading the JNCIA book I also read a friends copy of the CJNR training manuel and took notes on it as well. After reading over the notes I took the practice exams that came with the Sybex book. On any topics that I was weak on I very quickly glanced over that chapter again. This process took maybe three or four months and then  I took the exam and passed it on the first attempt.
3.) Took maybe a month off from studying and then read the JNCIS book. I also read a friends copy of the AJNR training manuel and took notes on it as well. After reading over the notes I took the practice exams that came with the Sybex book. On any topics that I was weak on I very quickly glanced over that chapter again. This process maybe took three or four months and then I took the exam and passed it on  the first attempt.
4.) Took maybe another month or so off from studying and then read the JNCIP Sybex book and made sure to ractice each and every  scenario. This process took about 4 months and I highly recommend going through all of these labs. Doing so will truly build up all of the skills that you need to take this exam. I then got my work to approve and pay for a JNCIP bootcamp which was taught by Rick Schenderlein. At the time Rick was with IPath and he is now currently  joined up with Doug Marschke at ietraining.net. That was really key  for me to fine tune all of the skills I have learned. The bootcamp  provided tons of hands on timed lab scenarios. Rick did a good job  with clarifying any remaining misconceptions I have had up to that point. He really goes above and beyond in taking you under his wing and making sure that when you leave the bootcamp you are truly ready.  After that Bootcamp I passed the JNCIP exam on the first try.
5.) This time I got a little lazy and took about 3 or maybe 4 months off. I started back up going through the JNCIE Sybex book and made  sure that I completed all of the tasks. I took extensive notes and  reviewed these notes and also re practiced configurations that I had  in my notes. This process probably took me about 7 months. After that  I had my work pay for the JNCIE bootcamp. I still used Rick Schenderlein who is currently with ietraining.net. For anyone looking  to take any type of Juniper related bootcamp or training these are  the guys I would recommend. Once again Rick did a superb in the  training. Unfortunately for me after taking the training I took the  exam soon after the bootcamp and barely missed it. Rick went above and beyond and and helped me out by giving me additional practice scenarios to help me get right back on track. Took the exam again a  month later and finally passed.
This whole process took me a little over two years and had helped me out so much. I have improved my Junos skills tremendously by forcing myself to go through this process. It certainly was not easy for me or my family. But after it is all said and done there is no better feeling. Also another question I get asked allot is which exam is harder the JNCIE or the CCIE. That is a very difficult question to answer. I think all in all the JNCIE is a harder exam partly because you have to pass two grueling 8 hour practical labs. Also IMO the JNCIE goes much deeper into the technology and provides more difficult real world scenarios. The CCIE was also difficult and seemed to provide difficult tasks that where not necessarily real world situations. These where more like tricky things that you would never do in a production environment that force you to think on your feet to complete them. It was also hard for me to learn some of the CCIE stuff because at the time it had a bunch of crap that I really did not want to learn like ISDN and EIGRP that I had to force myself to pickup only to pass the test. And for the JNCIE there really wasn't a topic that it covered that was not interesting to me so it  made it more fun to learn.
我非常兴奋地告知全球,昨天,我最终通过了JNCIE-M认证考试。这是我的第2次尝试,第一次是在San Jose参加考试,而第二次是在Herndon。考官分别是 David Williams 和Mark Postma ,非常友好和乐于助人。为了搞清楚考试里面的任务需求,我向他们问了很多问题,虽然很烦,不过他们都很令人满意。
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