gdi.exe —————————— graphic device interface 图形界面驱动 
grovel.exe —————————— 
grpconv.exe —————————— program manager group convertor 转换程序管理员组 
help.exe —————————— displays help for windows 2000 commands 显示帮助 
hostname.exe —————————— display hostname for machine. 显示机器的hostname 
ie4uinit.exe —————————— ie5 user install tool ie5用户安装工具 
ieshwiz.exe —————————— customize folder wizard 自定义文件夹向导 
iexpress.exe —————————— create and setup packages for install 穿件安装包 
iisreset.exe —————————— restart iis admin service 重启iis服务 
internat.exe —————————— keyboard language indicator applet 键盘语言指示器 
ipconfig.exe —————————— windows 2000 ip configuration. 察看ip配置 
ipsecmon.exe —————————— ip security monitor ip安全监视器 
ipxroute.exe —————————— ipx routing and source routing control program ipx路由和源路由控制程序