Solaris now best deliver on the intended promise of free and open source software - with free licensing, a vibrant developer community, extensive ecosystem adoption and ISV's, along with multivendor hardware support.
Solaris has spawned an active, vibrant open source development community via OpenSolaris Solaris is free for development AND commercial use Solaris is truly multiplatform Solaris has volume adoption with over 6M registered licenses downloaded Support for Solaris is legendary across the world Solaris 10 has a vastly superior technology foundation, in terms of security, scaling, virtualization, thread support, performance and much more Importantly, Solaris has more ISVs and is supported on more platforms Solaris legally guarantees compatibility. No one else does
Solaris has a well defined roadmap into the future.
And critically, Solaris protects customers with a robust indemnity program - where others attempt to avoid the issue
For developers it means a richer environment and growing community in which to create new innovative applications & for ISVs it means a volume platform on which to sell more licenses, while for enterprises, it means a better product that lives the opensource communities ideals.(Free, Opensource, inexpensive support coupled with innovation and ISVs)
Join Solaris community & visit the website for a free download [url][/url].