public static boolean interrupted() {
        return currentThread().isInterrupted(true);

     * Tests whether this thread has been interrupted.  The <i>interrupted
     * status</i> of the thread is unaffected by this method.
     * <p>A thread interruption ignored because a thread was not alive
     * at the time of the interrupt will be reflected by this method
     * returning false.
     * @return  <code>true</code> if this thread has been interrupted;
     *          <code>false</code> otherwise.
     * @see     #interrupted()
     * @revised 6.0
    public boolean isInterrupted() {
        return isInterrupted(false);

     * Tests if some Thread has been interrupted.  The interrupted state
     * is reset or not based on the value of ClearInterrupted that is
     * passed.
    private native boolean isInterrupted(boolean ClearInterrupted);