【组件管理器】Com+ 应用程序无法删除!
在组件管理器中,有几个Com + Application(Scripting.Dictionary,Script Encoder Object, Scripting.FileSystemObject),这几个Com+ 都是由C:\Windows\system32\scrrun.dll这个文件注册而来的。 这几个Com+ 应用无法删除,删除是错误信息如下, 这样也导致在安装其他Com+时安装不上,请大家帮忙,非常感谢。

Catalog Error
An error occurred while processing the last operation.

Error code 80110823 - The specified user cannot write to the system registry

The event log may contain additional troubleshooting information.


操作系统:Windows 7 Ultimate English.|||在使用MSI包安装时,默认使用TrustedInstaller用户来操作,包括对注册表的操作。


解决方法:将注册表中的Com组件项设置为当前用户的完全控制权限。 这样就解决了Com组件删除的问题。

在注册表中,对应的Com组件的注册位置上,由于管理员不是Ower,没有操作权限导致此错误。解决方法:将注册表中的Com组件项设置为当前用户的完全控制权限。 这样就解决了Com组件删除的问题。



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Please be aware that permanent harm might happen to your computer if 0×80110823 is left alone and isn’t fixed straight away.

0×80110823 Solution


To restore this fault, download and setup all of the software programs applications listed underneath. These have been specifically designed to help repair the 0×80110823 fault;

  1. Get Windows Driver Update – updates the device drivers that manage your pc.
  2. Download 0×80110823 Repair – helps fix 0×80110823 in your system.

Typically, 0×80110823 issues will be brought on by adware or virus bugs, so it is smart to use a removal program like the one under, to remove any spy ware viruses.

To start the installation, as soon as you have selected the hyperlink above, a brand new window should appear with several choices on it. Click on Open or Run this program from its present location. Or to makea copy of the download to your pc for installation at a later time, click Save or Save this program to hard disk.

Once installed, run each program by pressing its scan/update button. As soon as the checks are done, you can let the tools fix the 0×80110823 error.