Online class helps security pros sharpen their skills
InfoWorld's free Security Boot Camp to provide 20 lessons over four weeks
To help IT security professionals sharpen their skills, InfoWorld is offering a free, 20-lesson "Security Boot Camp" online class. The class is conducted via e-mail, with students getting one assignment each workday that connects the theory of best security practices with the hands-on reality of implementing such advice.
The first week's classes focus on how to address potential security threats, such as through smarter patch management and log file analysis. The second week's classes focus on how to improve your defenses, such as by taking advantage of Windows 7's UAC or rethinking your remote access. Week 3 switches gears to security strategy, covering top-level issues such as resource lifecycle plans and approaches to handle fault tolerance. The final week focuses on enlisting your users to do their part to improve security, both for their own PCs and for the organization as a whole.
The classes begin on Sept. 21, 2009. Sign up at by Sept. 20
第二周的课程着重如何提高防御措施,譬如通过利用windows 7UAC或重新考虑远程访问。
Day 1: Get a handle on the hassle of security patching
Day 2: Learn to love your log files
Day 3: Double-check your network's wireless security
Day 4: Get a handle on authentication
Day 5: Ask better password questions
Day 6: Use UAC for good, not evil
Day 7: Counter computer spies
Day 8: Test the strength of your password policy
Day 9: Set up a honeypot
Day 10: Improve email confidentiality
Day 11: Make a resource lifecycle plan
Day 12: Talk policy with the highers-up
Day 13: Handle fault tolerance
Day 14: Deal with malware
Day 15: Run security on a shoestring
Day 16: Make your PC safe
Day 17: Make your home computers even more secure
Day 18: Imagine your users are up to no good
Day 19: Control user installs of software