@1legal software and standard specification

1, law (contrat law, bidding law, copyrights, goverment procurement)

2,software engineering's national standard(1,base standard,{software engineering terminology GB/T 11457-1995, information process, information process system};2,development standard,3,document standard,4,management standard,)

@2, Management science foundation knowledge ( operational research, system model, quantitive economic model, system engineering;)

@3 PMP moral

@4,professional english

# ISPM case study

@1 project initialization( process and technoledge,project charter, constraint condition,assuption)

@2,project management plan (content and development)

@3,project execution(status,function and  task)

@4,project monitor and control(process, total change control,scope change control, schedule control, cost control, quality control, performance and status report)

#ISPM thesis

@1,ISPM (1,project choose, feasibility analysis, project life cycle process management,integrate scope schedule, cost, quality hr communication risk and procurement management, Project evaluation, enterprise ISPM system building, QC and enterprise QC common and difference  in  project.)

@2,information safety;(system, safety risk evaluation,enterprise safety strategy)

@3,IS engineering supervision(method and work flow,structure and supervisor,quality ,invest and control change in supervision,contract management ,information management and safety management. organize and coordinate in supervision)

@4,informationization strategy and implementation(process, problem in IS building, new technology effect .CIO's effect ,informationization plan ,the difference in difference type building. e-government, self-management maturity effect)

@5,large-scale,complex IS and Multi-project management;

(plan, track and control management,scop,resource,cooperation management)

@6project performance assess and performance management(team performance and project permance,performance assess method, project performance index design, performance evolve)