There is a default password for the Windows Storage Server 2008 default install.
By default, if you install Windows Storage Server 2008 without specifying a password in an Unattend.xml file, the password for Windows Storage Server 2008 is wSS2008!. You can use this password when you install to a remote appliance and access the administration tools by using Remote Desktop. The default Unattend.xml will install the roles and configure settings as appropriate to create a Windows Storage Server 2008 storage appliance. See the Windows Storage Server OEM Guide for additiona
windows storage server 2008 安装后 缺省 密码 wSS2008!

If you are like me, you were both excited and surprised to see Windows Storage Server 2008 available for download from the MSDN Subscriber Site.

And if you are like me, you rushed to install it only to find that upon logon, unlike other Windows 2008 Server installations, Storage Server never asks you to create an Administrator password.

So you are stuck at a login prompt with no idea on how to login.

Well, I’ve done the scouring for you and the default password is “wSS2008!

Hopefully that helps someone out!