Note Assistant

The Note Assistant (transaction SNOTE) helps you when working with SAP Notes. You can use it to load SAP Notes into your system from the SAP Service Marketplace or SAPNet - R/3 Frontend.

After you have loaded the SAP Notes you need into your system, you can automatically implement the corrections (correction instructions) contained in the notes into your system.


The Note Assistant includes the following functions:

·        Reporting

You can display an overview of all existing SAP Notes and their processing status, as well as all implemented corrections.

·        Project Administration

You can assign SAP Notes to users who then specify a processing status for the notes. The system informs you if an SAP Note has an inconsistent status.

·        Logging

The system logs all processing steps.

·        Correcting Errors

You can automatically implement the corrections (correction instructions) contained in SAP Notes into your system.

·        Integration

When you import a Support Package or upgrade, the system automatically recognizes which notes have been implemented by an imported Support Package or new upgrade, and which correction instructions still need to be implemented.


·        Your worklist contains SAP Notes in the following categories:

·         SAP Notes that are assigned to you as a user.

·         All SAP Notes that are inconsistent, even if they are assigned to another user.

·         New SAP Notes that are not yet being processed.

·        Choose Download SAP Note to download Notes using an RFC connection. You can also load SAP Notes from the SAP Service Marketplace and then perform an Upload.

·        You can use the Note Browser to find any SAP Note that is available in the system.

·        Choose Note Display to read through the Note and see the changes.

·        Choose Check Note to check the Implementation Status.

·        You can classify the SAP Note and specify the processing status.

·        You can implement the correction instructions that are contained in the Note and then remove them if necessary.

·        In the Log, you can display the processing steps and add your own comments.

·        By choosing Corrected Objects, you can switch to the modification browser, where you can see all the objects that have been corrected by an SAP Note.

·        After you have imported a Support Package, you can use the Modification Assistant to perform follow-up activities.

·        You choose Download Latest Version of SAP Note to compare the version of the SAP Notes that are in your system with the latest version of the SAP Notes in the SAPNet – R/3 Frontend. If a newer version of the SAP Note is available, the system downloads it.

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