Using ADSI Edit to Resolve Conflicting or Duplicate AD Integrated DNS zones

使用ADSI Edit去解决AD集成DNS区域的冲突和重复

Do you really understand Active Directory Partition?


Do you know what is ForestDNSZones and DomainDNSZones?


或许你不太了解,So let's read the following blog posts. 下面我只是摘录的部分内容,完整内容请点击文章开头的链接。

AD Integrated Zones Storage Locations

First, a quick review on the partitions. Hopefully you’ve taken a few moments to read my blog link that I posted above to understand the partitions. If not, I’ll just touch base on it here so you understand it and can relate to it. For specifics and the nitty gritty, read my other blog above.