An Open-Source Intel GMA 500 Driver Appears
一款开源IntelGMA 500驱动出现
posted by SmithJohnson on Mon 28th Feb 2011 07:59 UTC
发表于:2011-2-25 07:59 UTC


If you're an owner of a netbook or other hardware containing an Intel Poulsbo / GMA 500, the Linux 2.6.39 kernel should be rather exciting. Entering the Linux kernel's staging tree is an initial open-source driver for this notorious Intel graphics processor derived from Imagination Technologies' PowerVR SGX graphics core.
如果你是包含Intel Poulsbo / GMA 500的上网本或其他硬件的拥有者,Linux 2.6.39内核必将给你以惊喜。进入该Linux内核分期树的是一个前所未有的、应用于该久已声名狼藉的衍生于幻想科技(Imagination Technologies)PowerVR SGX 图形核的Intel图形处理器开源驱动