CIW v5 Security Professional Exam
科目编号 : 1D0-570
考题名称 : CIW v5 Security Professional Exam
题库数目 : 120 Q&As
更新时间: 2009-12-03
1. Your Web browser issued a warning message that a certificate has
not been signed by a recognized authority. This fact indicates that: attack is in progress.
B.the ensuing session will not be encrypted.
C.the Certificate Authority (CA) has revoked the certificate.
D.the browser does not recognize the Certificate Authority (CA).
Answer: D
2. A device that provides voice and fax services between your local
LAN and the Internet has been installed in the DMZ of your network.
However, you cannot send or receive faxes. Which of the following
steps is most likely going to solve this problem, while still
protecting your network resources?
A.Configure the fax device to use the T.441 protocol.
B.Configure your firewall to allow the T.38 protocol.
C.Move the fax device off the firewall and make it directly
accessible to the Internet.
D.Configure your firewall to forward all UDP-based packets from the
Internet to the company PBX.
Answer: B
3. Employee computers have been attacked repeatedly. The attacker
appears to be working internally, and has been able to scan internal
systems for weaknesses. Which of the following will best help you
stop these attacks?
A.Installing Webcams
B.Upgrading antivirus software
C.Installing desktop firewalls
D.Establishing a regular auditing schedule
Answer: C