I become so sensitive , getting angry over those trivial matters easily these days.
    with masses of things to do,I know there is no place for sentiment.I know quite well  what should be done and what not.
    I , however , can't resist this negative feeling.
    So many things to do and so many books to read,I just keep complaining and get frustrated. Because I don't know from where I shoud begin .
    Easily I lose my temper ,and , often for no good reason I ascribe my angerness to my BF. I am hard on him and treat him severely . Even a little dispute can cause  unhappiness for a whole day.
    Yes, he doesn't not deserve this.I just want to find an outlet,so I find him .Then I take this for granted. Most of the time , there is almost nothing wrong with him,but...
    I don't want to be so miserable.
    I really wish there were one who can listen to me,or just understand me.Maybe there really is some one. Maybe just because I am reluctant to share my feelings and ideas with others.