Route Spane and Paul have some LAN , each LAN have 14 hosts . design the network and subnet mask so that you can most save the address .
The 1841 router Paul‘s IOS has been delete ,you must down the IOS named c1841-advipservicesk9-mz.124-15.T1.bin from the tftp server .
Address as follows:
Spane S0/0/0
F0/0.100 (vlan 100)
F0/0.200 (vlan 200)
Paul S0/0/0
Server Interface ip
The router Paul and Spane are connected through two WAN line . Based on the followed configuration , you can reach the goal :one line is primary ,the other is backup.while one is down ,the other can be used to communication .
Primary:two routers’ s0/0/0 are connected ,set a bit rate of 128Kbps , encapsulation HDLC
Backup: two routers’ s0/0/1 are connected ,set a bit rate of 64Kbps , encapsulation ppp
Configure the f0/0 on Spane ,VLAN 100 (f0/0.100) and VLAN 200(f0/0.200)
No cdp run on all devices
Set enable password to Cisco and Set VTY and console password to GOOD on 1841 routers
Set bannet motd to “No Unauthorizaty Access” on all 1841 routers
The routers have a dynamic protocol EIGRP 100.
Notice :you should not advise routing updates to unnecessary interfaces (passive-interface).you shoule not use ACL ,you also shoule not use NAT.
Configur Linksys-WRT300N
Set the display name : WRS-300
Default gateway :
Set the Internet connection type : static
Internet Ip address :
Subnet Mask :
DNs server :
Security : WEP   key :1234567890
LAN IP address :
Start ip address :
Maximum number of users : 50
Static DNS server :
Click Administration to set Router Access password : csico123
Remote Management : Enabled
Click the Wireless PC1 ,then configure the pc1 to connect to the Linksys-WRT300N,then make the pc1 get a IP address through DHCP .Now ,you should ping the dns server success on pc1.
Set a suitable IP address for PC0 ,then you can ping tftp server success on pc0.
ACL :configure the acl with ip name access-list STOP on 1841 router Spane:
Deny https access from vlan 100
Permit all other protocols .
You should finish the acl with two lines .