It looks like this : when you add an item to the shopping cart ,it will generate a very small ball, and this ball jump to “Shopping Cart Icon” ,which lays at the bottom of the screen.

Then the shopping cart icon will changed so that it tells the user there are some items in it )

It just looks as what we do in the shopping center, and imitate the abstract process of “add something into the shopping cart in e-commerce activity”


After doing a deeply investigation of android and discuss with Niko ,one of my best friends ,who has plenty experience of UI ,we think that this feature can be implemented by javascript, but if we use java script ,we are building a web mobile application instead of non-web mobile application .But to web mobile application ,we need the PhoneGap technology to transform it to the native mobile application ,which obey our design principle (We try to avoid “phonegap”)


The dis-advantages of phone gap:

1.       Bad performance ,run speed, long delay when interaction with end user

2.       Can’t talk with other mobile applications which are not written by Phone Gap technology ,maybe these applications are written by others or downloads from internet.