I have some thought on luxury architecture not only related in mobile client but only suitable for B2C website ,hope to share with you all.


Firstly ,we need to plan the target group ,after investigation ,there are mainly three categories of people:

(1)    Rich person:  they buy luxury to show off their social position. 15%

(2)    People tend to view them to meet with their vanity but don’t buy them :they are the main contributor to promote the website  60%

(3)    Family, Friends(亲情,爱情,友情), These kind of persons mainly “一锤子买卖” ,when they engaged or they thanks friends ,they tend to buy some luxury such as diamond to stand for eternity.    25%



Based on the above target group ,we need a slightly different design from the traditional  “customer oriented” website.

(1)    User Experience:

·         we need to  user many large picture , advertisement to attract the user’s eyes


(2)    Features need to implement in high priority:

·         “Timed Promotion “should be very important ,because most of the luxury are expensive ,some most buyers will wait for the timed promote campaigns so that they can save a lot of money .


·         秒杀 feature is very important ,reason is the same as above .



·         Fake Check” feature

Unlike the traditional products (they are manufactured by groups and they can easily be recognized by their bar code ),Luxury products not always have bar code ,how to recognize them ,we need some “ Fake Check “ system.


·         Support multiple payment methods

Because of the target groups are all kinds of persons ,so we need multiple ways to pay for luxury.


·         Integrate some social  systems ,such as “微博” “Twitter” “Google+”

It is very important ,because unlike portal website “新浪“搜狐“, these luxury website are not familiar by most person .How to get famous are mainly by means of  Target Group 2 ,and most of them are belongs to some social community ,so we need to integrate them to enlarge the popularity.


·         Campaign Promotion

In some special festival ,such as thankgiving day ,we can get some campaigns to attract more users .This can be implemented by establishing a campaign server ,once a user register itself ,his information will also be recorded in the campaign database .When festival comes ,it will broadcast campaign emails to these users


·         Ranking system and Customer Feedback System

It is very important in luxury sales .How to drive one customer to get out so much money ?He must refer to the ranking system and the customer’s feedback  If most former customers give positive appraisal, he may tend to buy it .


·         Develop and integrate “Online value evaluation system

Most luxury website have this online value evaluation system ,I explain it in Chinese here.



·         “Luxury Culture” knowledge system

We can add some fundamental knowledge about luxury ,because most  persons in Target Group 2 have the purpose to learn luxury information then share to their friends to show off his/her position ,it is easy to implement ,only bind knowledge with each product.



(3)    Features need to cut off:

·         Cut off横向商品比较” feature .

Unlike the electronic products ,a lot of vendors can supplies same products ( Sony ,Canon ,pentax , all of them can supply digital camera) ,so that they can supply “横向比较” critical parameters of each individual product . But to luxury sales , every product is the best ,every product is the ONLY one in the world ,so that we needn’t  this feature ,and we don’t need to supply a centralized database to gather the related information.


·         Cut off售后服务” feature

Electronic products may be broken and need repair on some day ,so 售后服务+三包服务 is very important for them to get related services . Luxuries such as diamond is very very difficult to be broken ,so we don’t need to supply this kind of “保修服务” service .


·         Cut off “Customer Service” feature

Because customer service feature are mainly focused on some questions such as how to use ,how to assure quality, how to mend .But these kinds of problems will seldom happen in luxury products.


·         Cut off sophisticated logistic systems

Unlike ordinary products , we can have “联邦快运“联通递运” this kinds of logistic systems and shipment methods ,luxury products are expensive and fragile ,so that we mainly let customers to go directly to store to fetch the products.




Some famous luxury B2C website to refer to: