In order to check code quality of canton-estore and don’t push to Bleum Hydra CQ every time , please install the Sonar server in your local machine as follows:



(1)    Copy settings.xml from the attachment and replace the old one in <Your User Root Directory>/.m2/settings.xml

(2)    Copy the Sonar server from \\\Canton\Software\ and paste to your local disk.

(3)    Configure the environment as follows:



(4)    Go to %SONAR_HOME%/ bin/windows-x86-32 and run the script named  StartSonar.bat until you see the following output.


(5)    Go to http://localhost:9000  ,the account and password are both “admin” to see whether you have installed successfully.


(6)    Create a Maven configuration as follows:


(7)    Run it  ,then you will see the analyzed report at  localhost:9000