Enable Extended Topology:

Running setupExtTopo.ovpl.
Do you have a current license for NNM Advanced Edition
 (or are you evaluating the product)? (y|n):  y
Enabling HP OpenView Network Node Manager Extended Topology...
Checking kernel and system parameters...
All kernel and system parameters meet recommended values.
Configuring Extended Topology with NNM SNMP community strings.

If you wish to add additional users or user roles, please update
        d:\hp openview\tomcat\jakarta-tomcat-4.0.4\webapps\topology\WEB-INF\dynamicViewsUsers.xml.

Enabling AlcatelSwitch
Enabling BayStackNortelSwitch
Enabling CDP
Enabling CiscoSwitchSnmp
Enabling Details
Enabling EDP
Enabling ExtremeSwitch
Enabling HSRPSnmp
For best results with HSRP, you may need to modify your NNM topology.
 See the "Using Extended Topology" manual for details.
If you wish to enable automatic rediscovery, it is recommended that
 you enable the periodic rediscovery option in the Extended
 Topology Configuration GUI.
Enabling ILMI
Enabling InterfaceDetails
Enabling PassportNortelSwitch
Enabling ProcurveSwitch
Enabling StandardSwitch
Enabling SuperStack3ComSwitch
Starting NNM Extended Topology processes...
setupExtTopo.ovpl has completed.
The Extended Topology functionality has been enabled
 and the discovery process has started.
You must restart any ovw sessions and refresh any Dynamic Views you
 have open to use the Extended Topology functionality
 and enable new menu items.
Disable Extended Topology:
I:\>setupexttopo.ovpl -disable
Running setupExtTopo.ovpl.
Disabling HP OpenView Network Node Manager's Extended Topology functionality.
Disabling AlcatelSwitch
Disabling BayStackNortelSwitch
Disabling CDP
Disabling CiscoSwitchSnmp
Disabling Details
Disabling EDP
Disabling ExtremeSwitch
Disabling HSRPSnmp
Disabling ILMI
Disabling InterfaceDetails
Disabling PassportNortelSwitch
Disabling ProcurveSwitch
Disabling StandardSwitch
Disabling SuperStack3ComSwitch
Stopping Extended Topology processes..