这个是youtube上的视频,叫做multiple material,其实最有用的是介绍vertex group,亮哥帮我下的,再次感慨一下国内的网络啊
有了vertex group,我就可以给每个面贴一个纹理,进而通过程序控制面的mapping

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Re: Programatically applying a texture

Post  sio2interactive on Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:45 am
1. Can anyone please tell me how to assign an image to 1 side of a cube..?

>> Multimaterial, assign multiple vertex group and assign a different material to each of them, check my channel on youtube, I create a quick tutorial on that.

2. and when assigning the image, you obviously need to choose which of the 6 sides you want to put on, so how do you choose the side? (i only want to choose 1 of the 6 sides of a cube to apply the image)

>> You simply have to check the vertexgroup name, simply loop through the vertex group of your object then assign the image to the material.

Ctrl+I:  select the invert